Western Union Foreign Exchange

Western Union is the world’s largest foreign exchange specialist. Through Western Union, we can offer you a comprehensive range of products and services to take care of all your foreign exchange needs.

If You Are Going Overseas

It is recommended that you always take more than one payment mechanism – some local cash, a Cash Passport Card, and a credit or debit card. That way, if you have difficulty with any of your products (eg your credit card is not accepted, or the magnetic stripe gets damaged), you will have an alternative.

Foreign Cash

In addition to your travellers cheques and/or Cash Passport Card, it is always advisable to carry some local cash to cover taxis, tips etc upon arrival overseas.

Western Union regularly stocks over 35 foreign currencies.

If You Are Sending Money Overseas


The cheapest form of sending money overseas, and can be sent by mail. The receiver generally has to pay the draft into an account, and it may take a few days to clear.

Telegraphic transfers

Click here to learn how you can send money overseas online.

If You Receive Money From Overseas

Subject to acceptability, Western Union will convert Foreign Currency items into Australian Dollars.

So, if you receive a Cheque from overseas, or return from a trip with unused Foreign Cash or Travellers Cheques, you can change* them into Australian Dollars without fuss (* subject to acceptability).

If funds are being sent to you from overseas, an Inward Telegraphic Transfer will enable funds to be credited directly into your account.